Self Heads Back to His Roots for The First Race of the Season at His Home Track

Austin Wayne Self heads back to his home tack this weekend for it’s first race event of the 2015 season. During his busy ARCA Racing Series schedule Self still wanted time throughout the season to come back to his roots. His team decided to add five of the nine Central Texas Speedway race events to his 30-plus, race schedule. It’s Self’s way of reminding himself where this “Road to NASCAR” journey got started a few years back. It’s also an excuse for the Texas native to go home every once in a while to spend some time with friends and family since moving to North Carolina.

LateModel“I always love coming back to Texas to race the Pro Late Model races at CTS. I get good seat time and experience but it still feels like a quick break from the busy ARCA schedule. A lot of my original fans are here too so I always enjoy getting to visit with them when they come to the track! It’s cool to hear their stories about following my races on TV. They make me feel like a local celebrity”– Austin Wayne Self

While Self considers coming home for the CTS race a quick break, his schedule doesn’t seem to be letting up any. Self will travel to Nashville to test the #98 AM Technical Solutions Ford that he pilots in the ARCA series. He will return to Texas only to hop into the seat of his #07 Pirate Energy Pro Late Model to practice Friday evening and then race Saturday, March 28th.

“The CTS races are fun for me and my family and friends. Since I’m not running the full series, there’s a way more laid back feel. It’s competitive but it’s more stress free compared to my ARCA races. I love my ARCA races too but, competing for two Championships in that series puts a little bit more pressure on you. People always ask what I do in my spare time and this is it. If I’m not in an ARCA car I find something else to race around in” – AWS

Self_Win_CTSThis will be the first race that local Texas fans will be able to meet and greet with Austin since receiving his 2014 SCOTT Rookie of the Year Title award. Fans can also expect a familiar local energy shot drink to be featured on this year’s #07 Pro Late Model. Pirate Energy representatives will be making their way to CTS to watch their car take laps around the track. The Pirate Energy girls will of course be there as well to hand out sleep deprived drivers, crews and fans a tasty energy boost.

Self won the final Pro Late Model race of the 2014 CTS season. He hopes to spark a winning streak and start 2015 off right. Self currently sits 3rd in Championship points in the ARCA Series after just two races. He also holds the fourth position for the series’ new Short Track Challenge. A win at CTS this weekend would give Self great momentum going into the second short track race of the ARCA season at Nashville. It will be a race that local Texas race fans will not want to miss!


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Self and TX Late Model Team Review Watermelon Speedfest Races

Austin Wayne Self brought his Late Model crew from Kyle, TX to compete in the Watermelon Capital Speedway’s Speedfest 2015. The team would try their luck with a car that had never raced outside the state of Texas. Not only had it never been outside of TX, the Pro Late Model had only ever raced on Self’s home track, Central Texas Speedway.

The team was optimistic and excited to get rolling. They made their way to the track to get some early practice in on Thursday afternoon. Self and his team also unloaded a Super Late Model as they planned to run the full Speedfest double header. Self was eager to get back in the seat and get ready for his first races of the 2015 season.

AWS Autograph for Young FanDuring Saturday’s practice the team struggled with some motor complications on the Pro Late Model and finished out practice with times putting them around the 19th position. A few more adjustments were made to the car before qualifying and Self was able to pick up some spots and qualify the Pro Late Model in the 12th position. Oddly enough, the 07 Super late Model would also start in the 12th position.

During his first race Self made moves early to pick up three spots in the first 50 laps. With plenty of side-by-side racing action, moves to the inside, and avoiding hazards ahead, Self found himself in the 6th position with 25 laps to go. With another caution out on lap 115 of 125 Self was working hard to break the top 5. Coming out of turn 4, two laps after the restart Self made a move to the inside unaware of the car on his inside rear quarter panel. The two made contact and Self got loose! Wiggling and getting sideways it looked as though there would be cause for another caution but Self saved the car and was able to clinch a top 10 finish!

“We may not have finished where we wanted but we had a whole lot of fun,” says Austin Wayne Self. “I have to credit the CRA/ARCA guys and Watermelon Speedway staff for a really fun time, a great show and a tremendous effort on their part. Also, gotta give credit to Bubba Pollard and John Nemacheck and their crews. They had their stuff dialed in from the beginning to the end. Like Colt says, we were a little behind tire wise and we probably shouldn’t have restricted our Super motor for this track. I thought our Pro Car set up was pretty good. We just didn’t have the power some of these other guys had and it hurt us trying to get off the turns. I believe if my spotter and I had communicated better we could have avoided the late race contact and finished in the top 5. But hey, that’s racing. We’ll get these cars back to the DLP Motorsports shop, change setups to work better with these tires and be ready to go next go-round. I can’t wait to have another shot at it.”

AWS and Young FanDuring the Super Late model race Self made moves early making his way to P9 within the first 80 laps. After the 10 minute pit stop at lap 100 Self restarted the race with 100 more laps to go in the 9th position. Self’s Super Late race ended early when Elliot made a move to the inside. Self was forced up the track coming up to slow traffic. With nowhere to go, the 07 machine found it’s way underneath a slow car ahead.

“The 10th place and the DNF for the Pro and Super Late model finishes didn’t really show the whole picture,” says Colt James, Crew Chief for both the Pro Late Model and The Super Late Model. “We had some good runs and could possibly have gotten out of there with a couple top 5 finishes. Everyone on the Team did a really great job and we took some good notes. With what we learned about set up on this tire compound and what we found out from our new motor builder, I think we have what we need to put our stuff up front in this series. We will be much better prepared when we take to the track at Lucas Oil Raceway.”

“I really enjoy working with Austin and this Texas Bunch. These guys don’t quit for nothing and Austin drives his butt off no matter what the car is like,” says David Pletcher (AKA Buggy), of DLP Motorsports. I wish I could have been here for the whole weekend but we had some commitments down in New Smyrna Friday and Saturday. I know exactly what these guys had to face last weekend. You can ask anybody but it’s tough when you go from one series to the next and have to figure out the set up on different tire compounds. Plus, this is just our second race together so our team is still in the “gel” phase. We will have it all working better by the time we get to Indy.”

Self will continue his 30-race season in February at the ARCA Lucas Oil 200 in Daytona. For more information about Austin’s 2015 season visit his website, You can also follow him on facebook and twitter for live race updates and behind the scenes pictures and videos.


AWS Boasts a 30-Race Schedule for 2015

Mooresville, NC – Starting with the ARCA/CRA Super Series SpeedFest at Watermelon Capital Speedway this month and ending with a Pro Late Model Race at Central Texas Speedway in November, Self will be running a full 20 race ARCA Season with as many Super Late Model and Pro Late Model Races as he can manage. As of now Austin Wayne Self has 35 races booked for 2015.

Austin Wayne Self with MMM owner, Mason Mitchell

“We had a bunch of fun running our 1st Super Late Model Race with DLP Motorsports at Southern National at the end of last season and think we just might have a competitive SLM program. We will race as many of the ARCA/CRA Super Series races as our schedule allows and will run the Pro Late Model at all the SLM companion races. Six races at Central Texas Speedway will make up the balance of our Pro Late Model races. We are all business with the ARCA series and it is our primary focus, though these Late Model races give us the chance to have a little more fun and gain valuable seat time. Terry and Colt James along with Matt Maynard will make up our 100% Texan crew. David Pletcher and DLP Motorsports of Mooresville, NC will be providing the race cars.” – Austin Wayne Self

“Really excited to work with Austin some this year. He has come a long way in the 5 years I have known him. We had a good first showing at southern national at the end of last season. Hopefully that can carry over to this year and give Austin a shot to win some of these races.” –Late Model Crew Chief, Colt James


Austin Wayne Self’s priority ride this year is the 98 car out of Mason Mitchell Motorsports and the ARCA Series is his #1 focus. “I can’t wait to run in the ARCA series this season, I feel like we did a lot of learning last year and it’s going to pay off ten fold this year!”– Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self hopping into the 98 AM Technical Solutions Ford during Daytona testing

“Im ecstatic to have Austin driving for “MMM” this upcoming season. Austin has a lot of ability and more confidence than ever stepping into this position. As Austin plans to compete in other races other than ARCA, that will make him that much better behind the wheel. There is no replacement for ‘Seat Time'”. –Owner of Mason Mitchell Motorsports, Mason Mitchell

After winning Rookie of the Year for the 2014 ARCA Racing Series and finishing 6th in championship points Austin feels ready and prepared to tackle the loaded schedule in 2015.

“The late model races give me another opportunity to continue learning, gain seat time, and of course win. Late model racing is a different kind of racing it’s where I started so it’s where I come from, I can race without the pressure of points which gives our team a great advantage. I can try out strategies that are a little risky and race hard without worrying about the points repercussions, it makes me a better driver and makes us a fiercely competitive team.”- Austin Wayne Self

If it proves that the team has the juice to run up front, AWS will also add the 2015 Snowball Derby to his schedule making it a stacked year of all out racing. The AWS Racing effort will kickoff at the ARCA/CRA Speedfest Jan 24th and 25th. “I am ready to get back in the car and behind the wheel, it’s definitely time to start this season!” –Austin Wayne Self


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About Austin Wayne Self Racing

Austin Wayne Self has been racing since he was five years old. He began his racing career in go karts at a local track near his hometown, Austin, TX. During his karting career Self raced across the U.S. competing for regional and national titles. Between the ages of 11 and 14, Self won 11 WKA National Cups, the WKA Grand National Championship, the TAG World Championship and the Rock Island Grand Prix Championship. In 2010 Self won the Florida Winter Tour Championship and finished 3rd in the Super Nationals in Las Vegas (the highest finished ever accomplished by an American driver in that competition). In that same year Self made his first start in a TSRS Late Model. During the 2010 season Self placed 3rd overall and won the Rookie of the Year Award. In 2011 Self signed with Sellers Racing to compete in 27 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series races. Self’s performance in the series gave him the ability to move into partial seasons for the K&N Pro East and ARCA Racing Series. In 24 starts in multiple racing series Self achieved ten top 5 finishes and fourteen top 10 finishes. In 2014 Austin Wayne Self signed with Cunningham Motorsports for his first full ARCA season where he finished 6th overall in points and won the most SCOTT Rookie of the Race Challenges than any other Rookie driver.

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