Sport Clips Haircuts Added as Sponsor for 15-Year Old NASCAR Driver Austin Wayne Self

Male Hair Care Provider Expands their “Championship Experience”

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 – (Austin, TX)

In a 1-year agreement, Sport Clips Haircuts becomes a key sponsor of the 07 Sellers Racing Chevrolet, in exchange for product endorsement and social media marketing support from Austin Wayne Self and AM Racing.








“We just feel so fortunate to continue to build the foundation of our program from within our home state of Texas. Sport Clips aspires to build a “Championship Experience” for their customers, and we believe that Austin, as a rising NASCAR champion who has built a very strong social media following, will bring tangible value to their brand,” says Tim Self, President of AM Racing.

Austin will compete in 27 NASCAR late model races in 2012 and will move to North Carolina in February to be closer to the team.

“Our momentum is really beginning to take hold as we get ready to start the 2012 season.  It really feels good to get support from a Texas company.  In a way, it helps make me feel like I’m still at home even though we’re moving out to North Carolina.  This puts me one step closer to realizing my dreams, and I will definitely work hard to deliver results for Sport Clips and for my fans,” says Austin Wayne Self.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing and are always looking to build relationships with emerging champions who have the ability to reach the top of their sport.  We believe Austin has the talent and the support system to get to that level, and we also really appreciate the fact that he’s from Texas,” says Sport Clips CEO and Founder Gordon Logan. “As his sponsor and hair care provider, Sport Clips looks forward to the 2012 season and to helping him keep that winning look both on and off the track.”


About Austin Wayne Self
Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races for Sellers Racing in Late Model Division of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 4, and is currently KartSport Team Arrow Racing teammates with Sprint Cup driver A.J. Allmendinger. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

Learn more about Austin Wayne Self by visiting:
Website www.awsracing.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/AustinWSelf


About Sport Clips Haircuts
Sport Clips Haircuts, with more than 850 locations nationwide, is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas and was established in 1995 by founder and CEO Gordon Logan. The franchise ranks in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 20 “fastest growing franchises” and in the top 100 in the “Franchise 500”, in the top 10 in Forbes’ “Top 20 Franchises To Start”, and in the top 50 in Dun & Bradstreet’s AllBusiness.com “2012 AllBusiness AllStars”. Sport Clips is the “Official Haircutter” of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and offers veterans preferential pricing on haircuts and franchises. Our “Help a Hero” program has donated more than three-quarters of a million dollars to help soldiers overseas and in hospitals call home through the VFW’s Operation Uplink. Sport Clips is a proud sponsor of Joe Gibbs Racing’s NASCAR drivers, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin, and holds partnerships with several NCAA programs, and teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and National Hockey League (NHL). To learn about franchise opportunities click here, and for locations throughout the United States, visit SportClips.com.  For media resources and additional information on Sport Clips, visit SportClipsMedia.com.

You can also learn more about Sport Clips via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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Austin Wayne Self
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Big Red Adds Big Support to 15-Year Old NASCAR Driver Austin Wayne Self

Soft Drink Brand Becomes Primary Sponsor of the Big Red Chevrolet

January 31, 2012 – (Austin, TX)

In a 1-year sponsorship agreement, Big Red will be the primary sponsor of the 07 Sellers Chevrolet driven by Austin Wayne Self in 2012.

Big Red quote:
“Big Red is very excited to sponsor Austin Wayne Self,” said Gary Smith, CEO of Big Red, Inc. “His long list of achievements prove to be the perfect partnership in continuing Big Red’s legacy on the race track. We look forward to seeing many victories from Self.”

Self will drive 27 races for Sellers Racing in the Late Model Division of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series in 2012.

“The dream just keeps getting better and better,” says Austin Wayne Self, driver of the new Big Red Chevrolet. First we get a deal with Sellers Racing to race a full season in the NASCAR Late Model series and now we get the opportunity to race for Big Red. It’s unbelievable. The pressure is now square on me to deliver results. With the help of God, who is clearly at work here, me and the Big Red Sellers Racing Chevrolet will deliver for our fans.  I can’t wait for 2012 Season to begin. I will definitely be working as hard as I can to show my fans and my team that their faith is well placed.”

“I think Gary has a clear perspective regarding the potential of this partnership,” says Tim Self President of AM Racing. The fact is both of these brands are Texas homegrown. But the real value here is the match between Austin’s growing fan base and Big Red’s teenage target market. Because of Austin’s age, social media is a part of his life like almost every other teenager in the world. That demographic are the biggest consumers of soft drinks and more than 80% of Austin’s social media fan base is between the ages of 13 and 17.  It’s easy to see the synergy of this relationship.  Austin hit the 30,000 Facebook fan mark in less than a year and we expect the number to continue to rise as he moves out to the heart of NASCAR. We believe that we can be very effective in activating the Big Red brand with these users.  The visual appeal of the Big Red Chevrolet, coupled with the hard-hitting nature of Austin’s driving, and his age could make this the most well known team in the NASCAR Late Model series by the end of the 2012 Season. With NASCAR’s top Late Model team, Sellers Racing, managing the program you have a very powerful combination.  It’s definitely a match made in Heaven from our perspective.”


About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races for Sellers Racing in Late Model Division of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

Learn more about Austin Wayne Self by visiting:
Website www.awsracing.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/AustinWSelf

About Big Red
Big Red, Inc. is one of the top 10 beverage companies in North America with a history dating back to 1937. Along with Big Red, recognized as the No. 1 selling red soda, Big Red, Inc. also markets beverage brands NuGrape, Nesbitt’s, All Sport, Big Red Jak Energy, GPure Energy,  VIB, and SANS Soda. The company’s products are distributed widely throughout the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Pepsi Beverages Company, as well as other independent bottlers and wholesalers. Visit us at bigred.com, and join us at www.facebook.com/bigred and twitter.com/drinkbigred.

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Austin Wayne Self
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Austin Wayne Self and Sellers Racing Announce 2012 NASCAR Season Schedule

Schedule Features 27 Races at NASCAR’s Top Tracks, Including a Sprint Cup Weekend Race at Richmond International Raceway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 – (Austin, Texas)

Sellers Racing today announced a 27-race NASCAR schedule for 15-year-old driver Austin Wayne Self.  The team will travel up and down the South Atlantic coast, and focus on the top tracks in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  The season will start in March and go through November at the following tracks:

  • Caraway Speedway (2)
  • Greenville Pickens Speedway (2)
  • Langley Speedway (3)
  • Martinsville Speedway (1)
  • Motor Mile Speedway (5)
  • Myrtle Beach Speedway (1)
  • Richmond International Raceway (1)
  • Rockingham Speedway (1)
  • South Boston Speedway (7)
  • Southern National Motorsports Park (4)

“Every time I look at the schedule, I get excited about a different race.  These are the tracks I have always dreamed about racing on.  There are definitely going to be a lot of challenges as we learn all of the ins and outs, and that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the Sellers Racing team,” says Austin Wayne Self.

“Richmond is the race that I’m looking forward to the most.  If we make the field of Denny’s Short track Showdown, we’ll get to compete against the Sprint Cup drivers like Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart.  Martinsville will also be fun since that’s a Sprint Cup track.  Anytime you can get experience like that, it’s very valuable.”

“This will be the most racing we’ve ever done, but I know that Austin is up for the challenge,” says Tim Self, Owner and CEO of AM Racing.  “Austin will be enduring a lot of changes between moving to a new part of the country, starting with a new team and racing on different tracks but I think that’s where his 11 years of racing experience will pay off.  He’s always been able to adjust quickly and rise to the occasion and perform at a very high level.  We’re all just so thankful for the opportunity to represent Sellers Racing and NASCAR at the top tracks in the country.”

“We got the opportunity to spend time with Austin during the Late Model 300 at South Boston last October.  There is no question he is ready to compete at this level.  He has the right attitude, work ethic and skills and we all work together to make sure he’s very prepared,” says HC Sellers.

Sometime during the month of April the team will also work in a weekend for Self to fly home to Texas to take his driver’s license test.  His 16th birthday is in March, but due to his hectic racing schedule, April will probably be his first opportunity to get back home for the road test.

For the complete 2012 NASCAR Season Schedule, please visit:



About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races for Sellers Racing in Late Model Division of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

Learn more about Austin Wayne Self by visiting:

Website www.awsracing.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/AustinWSelf



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Austin Wayne Self
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Austin Self Falls 6 Laps Short of Putting USA Center Stage

Self Sweeps all 3 Heat Races and Becomes 1st American to Start Pole in TaG Junior Class

The SuperNational Karting Event in Las Vegas, Nevada plays host every year to the best young open wheel drivers in the world.  Since its introduction in 2008, the TaG Junior Class has been dominated by top European and South American drivers; until this year.

15-year-old NASCAR Driver Austin Wayne Self returned to karting last week in an attempt to represent the USA in winning the World Class SuperNational Trophy and turned the week upside down for the rest of the field.  Self swept all 3 heat races and was on his way to the checkered flag when the exhaust header on the Woltjer built motor broke in half with only 6 laps to go.

“The 07 KartSport Team had an unbelievable week at the SuperNats,” says Austin Wayne Self.  “We were a little behind in Wednesday practice as I was figuring out how to drive a kart again and we were testing motors.  On Thursday we climbed to P2 on the speed chart and from Friday morning on we were untouchable.”

“Austin’s driving and feedback was perfect,” says Crew Chief Michael Ramirez.  “Eric [Jones, President of KartSport Arrow North America] and I nailed the changing track conditions and the Arrow X1E chassis responded exactly as we expected to all of our changes.  We set the kart up to come in very late in the main because we knew we would be there in the end.”

“And then there was the sickening sound of a cracked header just past the halfway flag.  It was like the world just crushed in on us.  I have never seen a header break in the middle of the bend.  We have seen it happen at the flange so we use a reinforced design to prevent cracking.  This was nothing anyone could have anticipated.”

“This team has had a lot of heartbreakers in the past.  That’s just the way it goes when you’re one of the front-runners.  But this was probably the biggest heartbreak we have ever had to endure,” says Tim Self, President of AM Racing.  “Just 6 more laps and we would have swept the entire SuperNats week and brought home the bling for the USA.  Despite the final outcome, it was a great week for Austin and the KartSport Arrow Team.  Michael Ramirez, Eric Jones and Daniel Woltjer did an outstanding job with the kart and the motor.  I don’t think there is a better team than this in any TaG series.  It is very inspiring working with these guys, but unfortunately Austin’s NASCAR schedule only allows him a couple of these types of kart races per year.   In fact, I’m not sure if we will be able to return to Vegas next year, we will have to wait and see.”

“It’s a heartbreaker for sure,” says Eric Jones.  “On the other hand, we were the 1st TaG Junior Team to win all three heats and the 1st American to start on the pole in this class.  So we are far from leaving Vegas empty handed.  We made history last week and gained the respect of the best teams in the world.  I’d say that’s a great week.  I am very happy.”

Austin will race with the 07 KartSport Team one last time this year on December 11th in Indianapolis when he goes head-to-head with IndyCar and Sprint Cup drivers, as well as top national kart drivers in the Indy Karting Classic, which is the concluding event of the International Motorsports Industry Show (IMSI).

Learn more about Austin Wayne Self






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Austin Wayne Self Signs with Sellers Racing for 2012

Strong Showing at South Boston NASCAR Race Solidifies a Full Season Ride

Austin, TX – Thursday, October 27

Austin Wayne Self and Sellers Racing today announced that they have finalized a deal for the 2012 Racing Season that will put Self in the seat of a Sellers Racing Chevrolet featuring his signature 07 number. While the deal had been in the works for some time, Austin proved he was worthy of a Sellers ride during the season finale South Boston Late Model 300 Race weekend.

“The SoBo Race was great. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in any type of race car since I can remember,” says Self. “But the greatest part of the whole weekend was getting to drive a Sellers Racing car. It was an honor and a privilege to drive for their family. I have to thank HC for the opportunity, Peyton for working so hard for me and Mr. Sellers for his patience.”

H.C. Sellers, Austin Wayne Self, David Umscheid and Peyton Sellers

The active racing weekend started on Friday when Self qualified 30th in a field of 38, and then earned a 28th starting position in Saturday’s heat race. After missing the Driver Introduction during the pre-race ceremonies, Track Officials made him start in the back of the field for the main.  Self raced up to 16th on about Lap 220 before a broken header and a bent rear clip forced him to end his day and settle for 24th overall.

“We pretty much knew by the end of Friday practice that we wanted Austin on our team,” said HC Sellers. “The Saturday race was more about getting him some seat time in one of our cars, and working with our team. I’m pretty sure everyone on his crew, including my dad who spotted for him had fun and will remember this race for some time.”

“Austin was recommended to us a couple months back by a good friend of ours, and that’s when we started putting together the deal terms. But we really didn’t want to commit to anything until we had a chance to work with the driver one-on-one. For Sellers Racing, attitude is just as important as driving ability and we were impressed with both. And let’s not forget this driver is only 15 years old, so his future is very bright.  We really look forward to working with him during the 2012 season.”

“HC and Peyton say we threw Austin to the wolves,” says David Umscheid with a notable grin. [Umscheid was Austin’s Crew Chief and spotter during the majority of the 2011 NASCAR season].  “But I think it was me and Peyton and Mr. Sellers who paid the price. There were so many wrecks in the first 200 laps, so between repairs and trying to keep the car on the lead lap we must have made 20 pit stops. At one point I radioed up to Mr. Sellers and told him we were out of parts and duct tape, so I asked Mr. Sellers not to let Austin hit anything and damage what’s left of the car,” Umscheid chuckles.

“There is no doubt we threw this kid to the wolves,” says Peyton Sellers, Austin’s Crew Chief for the SoBo race.“ Friday before qualifying was the first time Austin had ever been on this track and then we put him in the biggest race of the year here with a field of 38 cars racing for $52,000. It was a lot of work for everyone but it was well worth it to watch him race this field and see how well he handled himself. Things are a little different here compared to Texas, and I think he learned a great deal from this race.”

“We had been looking forward to this race for months with certain expectations,” say Tim Self, President of AM Racing. “But the intensity of the racing and the effort and professionalism of the Sellers Racing team was well beyond those expectations. This was definitely the most fun we have ever had at a race and certainly one of the more fulfilling experiences. I know the results don’t show it, but if you followed the race, and saw how many times the entire team worked together to keep Austin on the lead lap and out there competing, you got a glimpse of what I am trying to express.”

As for the 2012 Deal with Sellers, Tim Self says, “For sure the 2012 Sellers deal is by far the story of the week for AM Racing. I can’t say enough about the respect we have gained for this family during this brief period. Developing a driver is one thing, but we are also developing a young man whose, values, attitude and behavior will overshadow everything we do. We sincerely feel, the opportunity to work closely with the Sellers family is a blessing from God.”

Now that the NASCAR season is over, Austin and AM Racing will return to Kart Racing starting with the Super Nationals In Las Vegas November 17th-20th followed by the IMIS Race inside Conseco Field House in Indianapolis December 11th.


Follow Austin Wayne Self online to learn more:

Website: www.awsracing.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AustinWSelf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AustinWSelf



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Austin Wayne Self moves NASCAR Late Model Program to Heart of NASCAR

1st Stop: Late Model 300 at South Boston Speedway

September 2, 2011 – Austin, TX

Austin Wayne Self will make his NASCAR East Coast debut next month when he Races the Late Model 300 at South Boston Speedway October 22nd.

“Everyone pretty much knew all this year the move was coming.  We just didn’t know exactly when, but now we do!” says Austin Wayne Self. “We are still working out a lot of details, so we can’t officially announce the complete team yet. I have been waiting forever for this and to finally get to go there and race one of the famous tracks and with the big fields and great drivers and teams, it’s like a dream.”

“Racing NASCAR in Texas has been great and I hope our fans continue to track us. But moving out east to race… It’s like being an open wheel driver and finally getting to move to Indy.  It is just really cool.”

When asked how well he thinks he will do out there: “There is no doubt we have a learning curve to get through so I don’t think anyone expects to go out there and start winning. I think it’s going to be a lot like last season when I was barely fourteen and we made our first Late Model start in central Texas. The drivers and fans were really skeptical, and then we pulled off a win after just three races and earned some respect. It’ll be the same way out there I think.”

“We started earlier this year working on a deal to race the East series (K&N Pro East) in 2012 and realized it would be prudent to get some fundamental learning done in a Late Model Series instead of the East series. The stakes aren’t as high and the lessons aren’t as costly, so to speak,” says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing. “We are still not finished with the paperwork but the deal structure is in place with the team, and we have a car and a 2012 tentative schedule that includes 20 races at some really well-known tracks like this first race at South Boston. I can also say we will continue to drive a Chevrolet and hopefully get to use the 07 number that has become a part of our brand.”

“Between now and then,” he says, “we still have some Modified races in Houston, as well as some Kart races in Indianapolis and Las Vegas.  Then we will get ready for that long drive in the Motor home to official NASCAR Country!

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Austin Wayne Self and KartSport Team Arrow Racing Look For a Strong 2011 Season Finish

Self to Drive for KartSport at Man Cup Finale in New Castle and at SuperNats in Las Vegas

In what has been a successful first season together, Austin Wayne Self and KartSport Team Arrow Racing look to finish strong this Fall at the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup season finale at New Castle Motorsports Complex, and then at SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

“Austin has performed very well for our team in four classes this season in both the Florida Winter Tour and in the WKA Man Cup Series.  He has a really strong reputation in the karting circuit and has the potential to pull off a win anytime he hits the track,” says Eric Jones, President of KartSport Arrow.

“I have watched Austin race for years, and recruited him to our team because we know we have the best equipment, and we want the best drivers.  He has achieved several Top 10s and podium finishes this season – sometimes in fields of 60-80 karts.  When he’s out there, something exciting always happens.”

“It’s really awesome to work with Eric Jones and the KartSport team.  He has so much racing experience, and I just really appreciate everything he teaches me and all the time he spends in the garage working with us and getting us prepared each race.  I always hit the track with great equipment.” says Self.

“It was also pretty exciting when they launched their new website this month and featured me on the home page.  That was a real honor because they have a lot of great drivers they work with – like AJ Allmendinger.”

“What’s most impressive is that the drivers typically spend 1-2 weeks leading up to each race at the track testing and tuning.  Because of Austin’s NASCAR schedule, he can’t do that.  He shows up the day prior and has to jump right into qualifying races.  We’re glad he can still perform at such a high level, but that comes of many years of racing karts.  We can’t wait to see what he can do in New Castle and Vegas!” says Eric Jones.

You can follow KartSport Team Arrow Racing and Austin Wayne Self at their final 2011 races at:

WKA Manufacturer’s Cup
New Castle Motorsports Complex
September 16-18, 2011


Las Vegas
November 16-20, 2011


About KartSport

KartSport is the exclusive North American importer of Arrow Racing Karts and offers a number of karting parts, supplies, accessories, and services. The race team, KartSport Team Arrow Racing competes across the country in karting events at the highest level. In addition, they opened a retail store at KartSport’s headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Learn More: www.kartsportna.com


About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races in both the Pro Modified and Late Model Divisions of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

Learn More: www.awsracing.com



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Austin Wayne Self and AM Racing to move NASCAR Modified Program to Houston Motorsports Park (HMP)

After racing at HMP for the 1st time last weekend, Austin and team were so impressed with the quality of the facility, the racing program and the staff, they have decided to make HMP the new Home Track for their NASCAR Modified Program and plan to race the balance of the 2011 races there.

“HMP is a 1st class facility with a great team of people. They run a top-notch program and have the fans to prove it. We look forward to competing in the Modified field and hope to win the hearts of some of the fans. It will be tough on both counts for sure, but we are up to the challenge,” says Tim Self Owner of AM Racing.

“Yeah, we came out here to race the trucks and had a great time.  I want to thank Raymond, Jim and Eddie for giving us a fast truck last Saturday night. We were up front racing for the win and having a great time until we got spun and sent to the back. Still had a great time, and man I love the high groove on that track. Based on how well we did in trucks, I think we will be really competitive in the Modified. I can’t wait to get back there next Saturday night. I just hope we can get some of our central Texas fans to come out here. We could definitely use their support,” says Austin Wayne Self, the 15-year-old driver of the #8.5 Truck, #07 Modified and #07 Late Model.

When asked if the AM Racing Late Model Program was going to move as well, AM Racing Crew Chief David Umscheid had this to say: “ We are moving our Late Model Program to Charlotte for the 2012 season, so there are no immediate changes to our Central Texas Program. We do plan on bringing a couple of East Coast drivers down to test and maybe even race before the end of the season.”

Following a stellar run in NSACAR Trucks last weekend, in which Austin finished 5th out of 17 in his 1st ever truck race.  It was also  and 1st time on the HMP track, and  the new Home Track for AM Racing and Austin Wayne Self’s Modified Program.

Click here for the remaining 2011 season schedule: http://www.awsracing.com/schedule.

Austin Wayne Self Gets another Win in NASCAR Modified Division

Nearly Scores Another Double Win with 2nd in Exciting Late Model Division Racing

Kyle, Texas — Monday, July 18 — Thunderhill Raceway

After starting P4 in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modified Division, Self quickly showed he had a fast car by charging into first place using the outside groove on a restart.  By Lap 20, Self extended to a 10-car-length lead and never looked back as the balance of the race was all green flag.

“I really have to thank David Umscheid and JR for setting up the best Pro Mod out there tonight.  Once we were able to get to the front, I knew nobody could catch us. We have been using the high groove a lot this season to make passes especially in the Late Model. It’s a cool thing when your crew gives you a car that can run on top or on the bottom. We had a really good car tonight” said Self.

“I also want to congratulate the Umscheid family on their second grandchild.  Michael and his wife had a daughter earlier this week.  Their family is very close, so I appreciated that David was still there for us at the track this weekend.”

The Modified win brings Self’s NASCAR win total to 4.


After a very brief celebration in Victory Lane, Self and team ran the car through post-race tech.  After being cleared, Self hustled over to the 07 Late Model where it was waiting on the grid.  The Late Model Division then went green roughly 20 minutes after the Modified Division finish.

Self started in P6 and drove to P3 by Lap 10.  Self was then sent to the back when the car he was passing to take third couldn’t hold the outside groove and took a spin. The Thunderhill ‘All Involved’ rule sent Self to the back of the field. After another caution involving other cars, Self used the outside groove to race up to P4 and made an inside move on Lap 15 to advance up to P3.  The final 20 laps involved tight bumper-to-bumper driving between Bobby Teer, Jr., Robert Barker and Self.

On the final lap, Teer was forced up the track going into turn 3 as Barker was able to wrangle to his inside. Teer couldn’t keep his car in the high groove and ran off the track in turn 3.  No yellow was thrown and the race finished with Barker taking the win and Self finishing in P2.

“Those last 20 laps were very tight between Teer, Barker and our car.  We tried several moves to get around them, but they really fought us off each time.  We couldn’t have asked for a more fun night of good racing – I had an absolute blast,” says Self.

“We also have to thank the fans who came out to support us tonight.  It was cool to see the stands full and the crowd cheering and going crazy for some exciting racing.  That’s what it’s all about!”

Self will be back on the track at Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday, July 30th.




Terri Hartley

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Austin Wayne Self Media Day – Wednesday, May 25th

Austin, Texas — Monday, May 2, 2011

MEDIA: You’re invited to join 15-year-old NASCAR driver and Austin native Austin Wayne Self for an afternoon at Thunderhill Raceway (THR) in Kyle, located on I-35 roughly 22 miles south of Austin.

The event will take place on Wednesday, May 25 from Noon-3pm.  Lunch will be provided, along with the opportunity to race Karts at an operational NASCAR-sanctioned, paved, oval speedway.  Austin and members of the AM Racing Team will also be available for interviews in the (air-conditioned) THR media room.

See Austin Wayne Self Media Day for more information.

AM Racing Team 2011

All Karting gear and safety equipment including helmets, racing suits, gloves, and of course the karts will be provided at no charge.  Just come comfortably dressed and prepared to have fun.  There will also be a brief training class to explain rules and procedures.  Then you can hit the track!

Austin, who is a multi-series Karting champion and has competed since age 4, will also join you for a race or two!

NasKart Racing Xperience


Noon-1:00 Meet, greet and eat

1:00-1:30 Brief NasKart orientation and getting suited up in your gear

1:30-3:00 Take your training to the track!

Austin and members of his crew and marketing team will be available for interviews in the Thunderhill Raceway (air-conditioned) media room.

Come and learn more about a local young man who is following his dream to drive in NASCAR Sprint Cup!  And get out of the office and have some fun!!


Questions and to RSVP, please contact:

Terri Hartley
Austin Wayne Self Public Relations
Phone 281-702-2573
Email terri@marketingrefresh.com

Thunderhill Raceway
24801 IH-35
Kyle, Texas 78640
(512) 262-1352

Exit 210, Yarrington Rd.