Austin Wayne Self takes P2 at Central Texas Speedway!

On November 16th Austin Wayne Self raced in the “NASCAR Saturday Night” Presented by A-Line Auto Parts in his 07 Late Model and put on an incredible show for a record crowd! AWS started on the pole and ran between 4th and 2nd throughout the entire race, which consisted of a record entry field. On the last lap Austin ran P3 and after a turn 2 wreck avoided carnage by taking the low line and secured a P2 finish! “It was really close, and I’m just happy we were able to get past everything and get a strong finish!”-AWS

Austin now looks forward to even more seat time and some great kart racing in LAS VEGAS! Austin Wayne Self will race the SuperNationals XVII Karting Event at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Austin will be representing Team Arrow along with AJ Allmendinger and Will Power on November 19-24 in the TaG Senior Class.

Austin Self Falls 6 Laps Short of Putting USA Center Stage

Self Sweeps all 3 Heat Races and Becomes 1st American to Start Pole in TaG Junior Class

The SuperNational Karting Event in Las Vegas, Nevada plays host every year to the best young open wheel drivers in the world.  Since its introduction in 2008, the TaG Junior Class has been dominated by top European and South American drivers; until this year.

15-year-old NASCAR Driver Austin Wayne Self returned to karting last week in an attempt to represent the USA in winning the World Class SuperNational Trophy and turned the week upside down for the rest of the field.  Self swept all 3 heat races and was on his way to the checkered flag when the exhaust header on the Woltjer built motor broke in half with only 6 laps to go.

“The 07 KartSport Team had an unbelievable week at the SuperNats,” says Austin Wayne Self.  “We were a little behind in Wednesday practice as I was figuring out how to drive a kart again and we were testing motors.  On Thursday we climbed to P2 on the speed chart and from Friday morning on we were untouchable.”

“Austin’s driving and feedback was perfect,” says Crew Chief Michael Ramirez.  “Eric [Jones, President of KartSport Arrow North America] and I nailed the changing track conditions and the Arrow X1E chassis responded exactly as we expected to all of our changes.  We set the kart up to come in very late in the main because we knew we would be there in the end.”

“And then there was the sickening sound of a cracked header just past the halfway flag.  It was like the world just crushed in on us.  I have never seen a header break in the middle of the bend.  We have seen it happen at the flange so we use a reinforced design to prevent cracking.  This was nothing anyone could have anticipated.”

“This team has had a lot of heartbreakers in the past.  That’s just the way it goes when you’re one of the front-runners.  But this was probably the biggest heartbreak we have ever had to endure,” says Tim Self, President of AM Racing.  “Just 6 more laps and we would have swept the entire SuperNats week and brought home the bling for the USA.  Despite the final outcome, it was a great week for Austin and the KartSport Arrow Team.  Michael Ramirez, Eric Jones and Daniel Woltjer did an outstanding job with the kart and the motor.  I don’t think there is a better team than this in any TaG series.  It is very inspiring working with these guys, but unfortunately Austin’s NASCAR schedule only allows him a couple of these types of kart races per year.   In fact, I’m not sure if we will be able to return to Vegas next year, we will have to wait and see.”

“It’s a heartbreaker for sure,” says Eric Jones.  “On the other hand, we were the 1st TaG Junior Team to win all three heats and the 1st American to start on the pole in this class.  So we are far from leaving Vegas empty handed.  We made history last week and gained the respect of the best teams in the world.  I’d say that’s a great week.  I am very happy.”

Austin will race with the 07 KartSport Team one last time this year on December 11th in Indianapolis when he goes head-to-head with IndyCar and Sprint Cup drivers, as well as top national kart drivers in the Indy Karting Classic, which is the concluding event of the International Motorsports Industry Show (IMSI).

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KartSport/Comet Driver Austin Wayne Self Sets New Track Record at New Castle Motorsports Park

Sets New Fastest Lap in Yamaha Junior with 109.89 in the 2nd heat of the Route 66 race at New Castle

“New Castle is one of the most famous kart tracks in the world and for sure the most well-known kart track in the U.S. This is where all the IndyCar guys race. Setting a new record at this track means you have achieved something,” says Austin.  “NCMP hosts several major series each year including the WKA Man Cup Finals, so the teams and the drivers bring their best game and a lot of speed to this place including many of my competitor friends. But the credit has goes to Eric, Mark, Michael Danny and the whole team for putting together such a fast Kart. I’m just the driver.”

“I was just trying to reel in the race leaders. Starting positions were picked randomly by race control and we started 18th out of 24. With one lap to go, the 3rd place kart was the next kart in my sights and I was trying get past him before we got to the stripe. I knew I could catch him if I just kept pushing. I never had to over drive the Kart, it just got better as the race went on. I knew from looking at the micron that each lap was faster than the last, but catching that next kart was all I focused on. It wasn’t until after the race that Mr. Dismore told me we just set a new track record. I remember thinking – wow how cool is that! All I can say is that this is by far the best kart I have ever raced.”

“We knew we had a fast set up with this X1E chassis when we saw Austin drive through the field and pass the race leaders to win this class yesterday. He was saying all day how this was the best kart he had ever driven. Not that you couldn’t tell from his ear-to-ear grin,” says Eric Jones, President of KartSport. “We elected to stay with the tires we raced yesterday so we could tell how this chassis performs over the entire life of the tires. Most chassis slow down as the tires get more laps. Clearly this chassis is consistent through the entire tire life. More importantly this chassis stays consistent from the first lap to the last lap during a race, as evidenced by the fact that Austin turned his fastest lap and set the record on the last lap of the race.”

“No telling what we could have done if we had put on new rubber this morning,” says Mark Dismore Jr., President of Comet. “Normally we see lap times in the mid to high 110’s at this level of competition. This is the first time anyone has ever gotten into the single digits on this configuration in any series running a Yamaha Jr. Kart. It’s even cooler when you figure he was using a Comet motor, along with our new patriot clutch.”

“There is no doubt about Austin’s ability to get the most out of the equipment we give him. Just about everyone who knows him will attest to that. So I think the real question everyone is going to have is the particulars about the equipment we were using,” says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing. “We set the record using the Arrow XE1 Chassis, a Comet built motor, Patriot clutch and Bridgestone YLC tires. If anyone wants to know more than that they can call Eric Jones and Mark Dismore. Or find out the hard way and show up to race here next weekend.”

A pre-main race incident sent Austin from race leader to starting 20th in a 26-car field. He put on an amazing display of driving talent as he came from the back of a 26-car field to win the Route 66 finale that same weekend.

Self and the KartSport/Comet Team will back next weekend for the running of the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup season Final.

About KartSport

KartSport is the exclusive North American importer of Arrow Racing Karts and offers a number of karting parts, supplies, accessories, and services. The race team, KartSport Team Arrow Racing competes across the country in karting events at the highest level. In addition, they opened a retail store at KartSport’s headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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About Comet

With over 45 years in the industry, Comet is still going strong and is looking to the future; having added karting’s online store in 2004, and opening a racing kart facility in the Indianapolis area at New Castle Motorsports Park.  Comet continually adds new parts and products to their product line, expands the yearly print catalog, and attends dozens of national kart events every year; all while continuing the tradition of race winning Comet Racing Engines with strong on track performance and excellent customer support!

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About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races in both the Pro Modified and Late Model Divisions of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

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Austin Wayne Self and KartSport Team Arrow Racing Look For a Strong 2011 Season Finish

Self to Drive for KartSport at Man Cup Finale in New Castle and at SuperNats in Las Vegas

In what has been a successful first season together, Austin Wayne Self and KartSport Team Arrow Racing look to finish strong this Fall at the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup season finale at New Castle Motorsports Complex, and then at SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

“Austin has performed very well for our team in four classes this season in both the Florida Winter Tour and in the WKA Man Cup Series.  He has a really strong reputation in the karting circuit and has the potential to pull off a win anytime he hits the track,” says Eric Jones, President of KartSport Arrow.

“I have watched Austin race for years, and recruited him to our team because we know we have the best equipment, and we want the best drivers.  He has achieved several Top 10s and podium finishes this season – sometimes in fields of 60-80 karts.  When he’s out there, something exciting always happens.”

“It’s really awesome to work with Eric Jones and the KartSport team.  He has so much racing experience, and I just really appreciate everything he teaches me and all the time he spends in the garage working with us and getting us prepared each race.  I always hit the track with great equipment.” says Self.

“It was also pretty exciting when they launched their new website this month and featured me on the home page.  That was a real honor because they have a lot of great drivers they work with – like AJ Allmendinger.”

“What’s most impressive is that the drivers typically spend 1-2 weeks leading up to each race at the track testing and tuning.  Because of Austin’s NASCAR schedule, he can’t do that.  He shows up the day prior and has to jump right into qualifying races.  We’re glad he can still perform at such a high level, but that comes of many years of racing karts.  We can’t wait to see what he can do in New Castle and Vegas!” says Eric Jones.

You can follow KartSport Team Arrow Racing and Austin Wayne Self at their final 2011 races at:

WKA Manufacturer’s Cup
New Castle Motorsports Complex
September 16-18, 2011


Las Vegas
November 16-20, 2011


About KartSport

KartSport is the exclusive North American importer of Arrow Racing Karts and offers a number of karting parts, supplies, accessories, and services. The race team, KartSport Team Arrow Racing competes across the country in karting events at the highest level. In addition, they opened a retail store at KartSport’s headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races in both the Pro Modified and Late Model Divisions of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

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Director of Marketing and PR, Austin Wayne Self
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World Karting Association National Cup Beaver Run Motorsports Park

Once again, Austin got to do his favorite thing this weekend; Start in the
back and drive to the front.

In a racing weekend stacked with the top national drivers and plagued with
incident, Austin at least had the opportunity have some fun and grab a lot
of attention.

With 35 to 40 drivers starting each race there was plenty of competition.
Saturday’s racing found Austin starting 23 in Komet and 40th (last position) in
the Yamaha Feature Races. He would end up 7th in the Komet race and 6th in
the Yamaha. That’s 16 passes in Komet and 34 passes in Yamaha!

He would then do it all again on Sunday. After a locked up wheel bearing
prevented him from qualifying Yamaha, he would start 9th in the LCQ and take
the win. That put him starting 36th and finishing 10th in the  pre-main. He
went on to finish 4th in the Yamaha Feature after being shuffled back to
16th on the start. Komet wasn’t any different. After being spun at the start
of the pre-main, he would go on to start 33rd in main and would make another
23 passes to finish 10th.

“I think the fact that one way or another we ended up in the back of every
single race with such huge fields and still managed to pull out top 10
finishes in all of them, and even a podium, says a great deal about the Arrow
Chassis and Comet Motors.” Says Austin. “Our NASCAR program doesn’t allow us
the opportunity to do any testing with Karts and motors. We just show up in
time to race and have to figure everything out during each element. You
can’t expect to win against these guys without investing the time. These
guys are the best of the best. I am just grateful that KartSport, Comet and
AKR continue to provide me such great support to allow me to at least
showcase their products. I think we proved beyond a doubt that they have
fast stuff.”

“There are a few drivers out there that worked really well with
me during the events. I want to express my gratitude to them. Thanks guys!
It’s always cool drafting with really good drivers.”

“That kid never ceases to impress. This weekend, he put on the greatest
driving display I have ever seen in this series. Everywhere we go, one way
or another he puts on a show.” Say Mike Ramirez of AKR. I am grateful to be
able to work with this kid.”

Austin returns to NASCAR Racing this weekend as he competes in the NASCAR
Whelen All-American Series Late Model and Modified Divisions in Central Texas.

Austin Wayne Self and Crew Get the Hat Trick at Beaver Run Raceway

In a Pre-National race at Beaver Run Raceway this past weekend, Austin Wayne Self, supported by KartSport and Comet Racing won 3 of the 4 races in his classes.

“ The racing was great this weekend, a lot of lead changes and passes, it couldn’t have been more fun.” Says Austin. “It was great hanging out with the KartSport and Comet crew and all my karting friends. I love this track. I think the biggest thing this weekend was the respect all the drivers gave each other. We were always two wide in the turns, drafting on the straights and one time we got 4 wide up the hill into turn 8. Even though the other drivers wouldn’t give you a break, everybody gave each other just enough room to race. There were no cheap shots. It was cool. I hope everyone comes back in two weeks with the same attitude.”

“Austin delivered for all of us this weekend. It wasn’t so much about winning as it was about learning how this new Bridgestone tire compound works and getting the kart set up for the national coming up in two weeks.” says Crew Chief Michael Ramirez. “ “This is probably the most difficult track in the series for the crew and driver. There is every type of turn you can think of and then the long uphill straights that require exact gear and carburetor setup.”

Beaver Run Raceway will host the Manufacturer’s Cup Nationals July 9th and 10th. Most of the top national teams competed in the Great Lakes Sprint Series race this past weekend in an effort to get ready for the Man Cup Nationals.

“Most of the top drivers were here this weekend with one big exception, Joel Jens. He will be here next weekend testing so we won’t have anything on him come Man Cup race day.” Says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing, the marketing group supporting the Austin Wayne Self Brand.  “KartSport, Comet and Austin’s crew made some big progress with our karting program this weekend. We look forward to the Man Cup Nationals in two weeks. Thanks to the GLSS Team for hosting all of us this weekend. Especially to Kevin Harter who had his hands full reconciling passion and emotion all weekend. You have great resolve Kevin. Also, hey to the Ryans, fellow Texans and TCU alumnus. Go Frogs!!!”

Rumor has it that Joel Jens will be heading back to Texas with Austin Wayne Self immediately following the Man Cup to test in one of his NASCAR Late Models.

Firecracker 150 coming to Thunderhill Raceway

Contact:  Jerry Harrison, 512-970-0469,

Firecracker 150 coming to Thunderhill Raceway and Austin Wayne Self to Enter a Team

KYLE, TX (June 20, 2011) – On Track Xperience (OTX) and Thunderhill Raceway (Kyle, TX) will host one of the richest Kart Races in the country on Saturday, July 2, at 7 pm.

A total of $10,000 will be up for grabs in this 150-lap endurance race, with $5,000 in cash going to the winner and another $5,000 in cash and prizes being awarded to the remaining competitors.  Each driver will also get a complimentary haircut from Sport Cuts.

This First Annual Firecracker 150 will feature 12 teams with five drivers on each team – all competing in karts at speeds up to 65 mph on the 3/8-mile, D-shaped asphalt oval track. These karts will be provided by NasKart Racing Xperience, which currently offers wheel-to-wheel racing to the general public at the same track on a regular basis.

Teams must qualify in advance to be included in this event, and only the fastest 12 teams will move on to the Firecracker 150.  Qualifying for this event is current underway, and the final teams will be chosen based upon their best combined lap times.  Teams are encouraged to call ahead to book their qualifying sessions.

As the Owner/Promoter of Thunderhill Raceway, Mary Ann Naumann welcomes this exciting kart race to a track that normally offers stock car racing events.

“We’re proud to host this new and unique event here at Thunderhill Raceway,” said Naumann. “In fact, I believe this is the only kart race of its kind to be run on a NASCAR-sanctioned track. We currently run NASCAR races here just about every other Saturday night from March through September, and now we’ll be able to see many of the same drivers competing against each other in a totally different format.”

“This event will be entertaining for the entire family,” said Jerry Harrison, General Manager of OTX. “We’ll have rides for the kids and lots of food concessions, as well as a custom car show, beer and live music for the adults. In fact, we’ve set the admission cost at $20 per carload (or truckload) – the bigger the family, the better the bargain. We’ll even have some NASCAR Late Models and Modifieds on display for picture taking and driver autographs.”

For more information on the Firecracker 150, visit the NasKart Racing Xperience website at  To make arrangements for the qualifying sessions, call 512-828-6478.

Thunderhill Raceway is located at 24801 IH-35, Kyle (TX), just north of San Marcos and south of Austin, at Exit #210 (Yarrington Road), just behind the Roger Beasley Hyundai dealer (formerly ThunderZone). Information on Thunderhill Raceway may be found on the track website at


AM Racing Appoints Sports Management and Marketing Team

AM Racing today announced the hiring of a team of sports marketing experts charged with developing corporate sponsorship relationships and marketing programs for 14-year-old late model stock car and international kart-racing champion Austin Wayne Self.
Leading the team is Bobby Reynolds of PCM Sports Group, based in Austin, Texas. Bobby spent eighteen years as a professional hockey player and two as a head coach and general manager. His twenty-year professional career included time with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL, in addition to playing in the AHL, IHL, and the European Elite Leagues. Bobby proudly represented Team USA on three different occasions – ’89, ’91, and ’96. While participating on the ’96 team, he won a Bronze medal at the World Championships and earned USA Hockey’s top award, the Bob Johnson Award. Bobby graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Michigan State University, where he played and won a National Championship in 1986. Bobby’s knowledge of professional sports at all levels, in addition to his communication skills, hard work, and professional contacts, will make him a valuable asset to lead AM Racing’s sports management initiatives. 

The marketing team consists of talented individuals with deep expertise in brand marketing, online marketing social media. The team is chartered with growing Austin’s brand, managing his online properties and further expanding the loyal fan base. The team includes Terri Hartley of Marketing Refresh, based in Houston, Texas and Taylor & Brookover, based in Austin, Texas.

“We are thrilled to have sports management and marketing experts who are true leaders in their respective fields. We believe you are who you surround yourself with, and Austin aspires to be a champion in every sense of the word. We are blessed to have such a strong group of experts in our corner,” said Tim Self, President and Founder of AM Racing. 

Austin opens the NASCAR Whelen All-America late model stock car race season Saturday, March 5 at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas.

About AM Racing
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AM Racing was recently founded to manage the business and operational aspects of Austin Wayne Self’s racing programs, which include a national Kart racing program and the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model program. Efforts are also underway to add a Pro Truck program to AM Racing’s 2011 campaign.

About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self is a 14-year-old ASA late model stock car and kart-racing champion. In 2011, Austin starts his second late model stock car season on the NASCAR Whelen All-America Series at Thunderhill Racetrack located in Kyle, Texas. In 2010, he was named Rookie of the Year, 3rd Overall in Points and Best Looking Team on the Texas Super Racing Series. Austin is a consistent podium finisher on multiple open wheel kart racing circuits. Learn more at Austin Wayne Self 

About PCM Sports Group, LLC
PCM Sports Group is an Austin, Texas based professional sports management firm specializing in athlete representation, contract negotiation, securing endorsements and a number of other services. Learn more at PCM Sports Group

About Marketing Refresh

Marketing Refresh, led by Terri Hartley, is an online marketing services firm based in Houston, Texas. Terri has over sixteen years marketing experience and specializes in branding, developing online marketing strategies, website development, SEO and social media management. Learn more at Marketing Refresh 

About Taylor & Brookover, Inc. (TAB)
Gregory Taylor and Steven Brookover manage social media sites for clients to increase publicity and financial growth. These social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and numerous others. TAB also offer content management for websites. Learn more at TABinc

Terri Hartley
Marketing Refresh

Despite Tough Conditions, Austin Wayne Self still puts the KartSport Arrow on the Podium

A series of unfortunate events plagued Austin Wayne Self’s weekend in Florida but were not enough to dishearten him or his KartSport Arrow team.

The Orlando rounds of the 2011 Florida Winter Rotax Max Tour showcased the top talent in the karting world. Drivers from over 30 countries flocked to the Orlando Kart Center to claim top honors at the Rotax Max Challenge last weekend.
Friday’s qualifying rounds all occurred on a wet track. At the end of timed practice Austin had the #70 Arrow Kart in the top position on the speed chart; #1 out of 68.  However, the new Mojo rain tires the team mounted for 1st round qualifying didn’t agree with the set up and dropped the Arrow Kart from 1st to 39th.  Not knowing for sure but suspecting the new tires, the team went with a used set of mojo rains for the second qualifier and delivered a front row, P2 starting position.
“We have very little experience racing Mojo tires and prior to tonight had no experience with Mojo rains,” said Tim Self, owner of AM Racing. “That was a very hard lesson to learn and has now put us in a challenging position for a top 3 finish Sunday and the maybe the season Championship”
“When something like that happens, you gotta rebound and move on, “ said Austin in an interview.
To qualify for Sunday, the team would have to race in the Last Chance Qualifier Sunday morning and finish in the top six to move onto the Pre-Final.
Saturday began with a cool dry track and everyone was back on Racing Slicks. With only one morning practice to test the new dry setup, all the karts left the grid except for Austin’s. An electrical short in the starter caused the kart to catch fire in the grid and scuttled the opportunity to test carburetion and set up. The Team would have to put an untested setup on the grid for the pre-main. Starting outside the front row in the Pre-Main, Austin was pushed into the wall on the start severely bending his steering shaft. Austin’s driving was impressive and seemed as though he was “back to himself.” The battle for second through fourth lasted the entire race as top racers from the world battled with Austin. Despite having to hold the steering wheel at 90 degrees to keep the kart straight, he was still able to manage a fourth place finish. However, as if on cue, the penalties pushed him back to ninth position for the Final.
Prior to the Final on Saturday night, Austin said with confidence, ”I will be in third place by the second lap, and I want to get to the lead by the fifth.”
This talented racer started ninth and was in the front by the third lap, surpassing his expectations and everyone else’s watching live online that day. Austin would eventually finish second, although this intense competitor never is satisfied with anything less than first. Salvaging second place was an accomplishment for the Arrow crew after the bent steering shaft, electrical fire and penalties occurred earlier in the day. Austin now had three wins and a second place finish in his last four races.
Sunday’s forecast was projected to be dry and set the stage for a great eight-lap sprint to the finish. Austin and his crew came into the day confident they would finish the Last Chance Qualifier in the top six to reach the Pre-Final.
The race did not go in Austin’s favor the least bit. In turn three of the first lap, Austin was pushed from behind and was caught in a five-car pile up. This pushed Austin to nearly the back of the field. With two laps to go, he got tangled up with another driver, which ended with both racers off the track and out of position to qualify for the Pre-Final later that day. Austin’s weekend was finished at this point.
The weekend was tough on Austin and the Arrow crew, but both are hoping to learn from the mistakes that were made and move forward. “You can’t win every race, but those who can learn from their mistakes will win in the end,” said Austin after his race on Sunday.
Austin will be looking to return to the top spot on the podium in February as the FWT Rotax Series returns to West Palm Beach, Florida at the Palm Beach International Speedway.

Austin Self Makes His Mark Once Again

Once again the Austin native, Austin Wayne Self, amazed the Karting world when he took the top spot on more than one occasion this past weekend in Orlando, Florida.

The Orlando Kart Center hosted the first Florida Winter Tour Formula Kart Championship weekend of the 2011 season. The weather was perfect, racing field doubled from last year and the competition was tight. This tight competition was evident in the Formula Tag Junior division.

Austin was not scheduled to race in the Formula Kart Series until KartSport Arrow Teammate AJ Allmendinger, NASCAR Sprint Cup driver, decided to run this race at the last minute. The team did not want Allmendinger racing alone, so Austin flew to Florida at the last minute to support his teammate.

Arriving early Saturday morning with only six hours of sleep, Austin qualified his kart in 7th position with no practice and finished 2nd in the Pre-Main. When the Main rolled around, Austin was able to lead all twenty laps and win in dominating fashion by more than five seconds ahead of the second place driver. An amazing feat when considering all of the other drivers had at least a full day of practice on Friday.

A bit of controversy arose after the race dealing with racers staying in their designated lanes during the start. Austin was initially assessed a ten-second penalty for being in the wrong lane at the start even though he was in the front row and gained no advantage. The penalty was later reduced to three seconds since Austin stayed in the same lane during the start until long after he had passed the start finish line. Luckily, he still had a two-second lead over the field despite the three-second penalty and took first place.

After all races had concluded for the day, race officials modified the starting lanes to clarify which lanes competitors are expected to use.

“It’s a good day when you can beat these guys. It is only by Grace you can show up and win without practicing,” said Tim Self, father of Austin.

Austin’s good fortune continued Sunday as he qualified second, took first in the Pre-Main and placed himself in position to win yet another race. The Main was the race to see on Florida Winter Tour Live as Austin, Luke Chudleigh and Ashley Rogero battled all race for the top spot.

Austin and Luke pulled away with three laps to go and swapped the lead a few times. When Chudleigh made his move for the lead on the last lap going down the long back stretch, Self forced him deep into turn seven and slipped under him on exit to regain the lead and take the checkered flag. The two competitors showed great sportsmanship and high fived each other after giving the crowd and the online audience a race to remember.

Austin will be back in Orlando, Florida to race in the Florida Winter Tour Rotax Max Series this weekend.