Austin Wayne Self and the 22 Team Get Another Push Towards Breaking the Top 5 in the Season Points Race

The half mile paved oval of Madison International Speedway is known for elbows out racing from the green to the checkered. Austin Wayne Self entered the weekend with his focus on running a clean race but prepared for the challenge of potential on track aggression.

AWS and Crew Chief Chad“We had a fair race at Madison.  We came into the race day with a lot of confidence but didn’t end up with the result we all thought we would.  The weather was hot and muggy which lead to a track with very low grip.” – Chad Bryant, Crew Chief of the 22.

After qualifying was rained out the starting order was determined by points- Austin Wayne Self started the day at Madison 7th.  Within the first 4 laps AWS gained a position and moved into the 6 spot. After the first caution AWS shuffled back to P7 and settled in until the competition caution. With the emphasis on conservation, the 22 team strategically began their methodical effort towards advancing through the pack, though a loose car served as an obstacle for the 22. After the restart AWS started 10th moved into the 12 spot and near lap 90 made a strong pass to move into 11th.

“We started off the day with a major hill to climb. The car was loose getting in the entire race which made it hard to turn at center I had to hook the bottom curb of the track with the left front every lap to get the car to turn.It was really hard to drive and  my helmet cooler wasn’t working, so it was a long, extremely hot race…Towards the end we took the spring rubbers out and then sure enough, we were as fast as  any  car on the track – had we done that earlier on we would have had a better shot at taking home some hardware…”- AWS

“8th place finish was a solid run but not what we expect out of our team.”- Chad Bryant, Crew Chief on the 22.

IMG_3150By lap 120 AWS aggressively asserted himself and captured the 9 spot to enter the top 10.  With 60 laps to go Self maintained his position in the top 10. With 28 laps remaining and a caution out on the track Self restarted 11th for the final race push. At the conclusion of the race Austin Wayne Self passed the checkered and finished 8th.  Due to no helment cooler and high temperatures Austin Wayne Self suffered heat exhaustion and blistered feet. After lap 50 Self’s primary focus was staying alive and alert. This trying race truly tested Self’s stamina as he emerged war weary and victorious with his 5th consecutive top 10 finish.

“I feel like we are getting better and better, Five consecutive top 10’s is a great accomplishment and forward movement but, I am ready to win. I want to win and it’s time we get there.”- AWS

Next up on the schedule Self and the 22 AM Technical Solutions Dodge team will roll out of the Cunningham stable pointed at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds to revisit dirt racing. After an excellent showing in his debut dirt track racing event at the Illinois State Fairground, where he finished the day 10th, the entire team has prepared and approached their second dirt race with confidence and optimism.  Their Labor Day race will certainly be a critical effort in the 22 team’s push to break the top 5 in points.

“I am ready for this dirt track. I am so ready for it and we are going to be good. I had fun the last time we raced on dirt but I also had a huge learning curve to climb – this time I feel good about it and I know more about how the car handles. I’m ready to get back into that car- it’s time to go racing!”-AWS

“Moving forward we are headed to DuQuoin and we will have a lot better insight going into the dirt race. We expect to compete for the win.” -Chad Bryant Crew, Chief on the 22

The team will race DuQuoin September 1st – For live race weekend updates and for behind the scenes photos check out the Austin Wayne Self Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter

Austin Wayne Self Rocks Dirt Track Debut at Illinois State Fairground and Increases His Lead for the ARCA Scott Rookie of the Year Title

Austin Wayne Self overcame obstacles, tackled the odds and fought adversity to nail down a top 10 finish in his first ever dirt track race in the ARCA series. Austin Wayne Self also earned himself a more than comfortable lead in the race for the 2014 ARCA Rookie of the Year title.

 “It’s cool to be so close to locking up the Scott Rookie of the Year Challenge- being rookie of the year would be a great honor and our team has worked really hard for this one!” -AWS

Dirt Track State FairAfter hitting the wall during practice the 22 AM Technical Solutions Dodge Team had to rally to prep a new car for the race. The odds proved to be in their favor and after starting 22nd the 22 car raced its way around the slick dirt track and came home with a top 10 finish.

“We struggled with getting the car back on track, we worked so hard to get back out there it looked like it was going to be an uphill battle, but once we got out there I had a blast! I really like that style of racing, dirt track racing just feels good and when I got the hang of it – it was so fun!” – AWS

 This weekend the ARCA series will race into Madison International Speedway in Oregon, Wisconsin for 200 laps on the ½ mile paved oval.

“I’m really excited to get to another short track. Both our second place finishes we’ve scored our best this season. We have confidence stepping onto the track and that’s what you’re going to see. We will be a factor in this race.” -AWS

The race will air Live on CBS Sports at 3:00pm Eastern. For live race weekend updates and for behind the scenes photos check out the Austin Wayne Self Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter

The 22 Carries Momentum With Their Second Top Three finish in Three Races

In 13 starts Austin Wayne Self has secured 9 top 10 finishes in the ARCA Racing Series. The 22 AM Technical Solutions Dodge out of the Cunningham Motorsports Stable qualified 7th for the Federated Auto Parts 200 at Berlin Raceway on August 9th and finished their day fighting for a win crossing the checkered second.

IMG_2987The team fought hard for all 200 laps. The 22 team developed a unique strategy to pit later in the race. This caused the team to fall back early on, then later in the race run on stickers making for a swift advance through the field.

“Chad setup a really great strategy for us… We outsmarted people. With a few more laps or a caution we would have had P1, I spun my tires on the restart but we secured a second place finish so that was a good points day for us. I like Berlin Raceway- you have to be up on the wheel the whole time, and I like how the track is.”-AWS

Between Berlin and their Illinois race the ARCA racing series will have a one week break. During that time Austin Wayne Self will be heading back to his home in Austin, Texas.

“I think the team is really going to appreciate this time off, they have been working super hard! We will use this time to rest, refocus and strategize for the final stretch of our season run- then we move onto Illinois.” – AWS

Crew chief for the 22 car Chad Bryant had this to stay following their Berlin Raceway effort, “Berlin was Another solid run by the 22 team on a short track. We had a shot to win and that is all we can ask for. It was an exciting race to be apart of and the team performed in all aspects.  I am proud of the team for there performance at Berlin.”

Next time you see the 22 AM Technical Solutions Dodge out on track will be August 17th for the Super Chevy Stores 100 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. This 100 mile sprint will be an all out mad dash for the checkered- this is one of two dirt tracks that the ARCA racing series will race on this season!

Chad Bryant also commented on strategy approaching Illinois, “Springfield is going to be another challenge for us.  Springfield is a dirt track and neither Austin or I have a lot of experience dirt racing.  We will rely on Paul Andrew’s past experience and success on the dirt to help us this weekend.  It’s nice to have a team-mate that has as much experience as Paul does to rely on for advice the weekend.”

For behind the scenes photos and updates checkout the Austin Wayne Self Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter

Austin Wayne Self Scores his 8th top 10 of the 2014 Season

In 12 starts throughout 2014 Austin Wayne Self and the AM Technical Solutions Dodge for Cunningham Racing has secured 8 top 10 finishes. This past weekend at Pocono Raceway AWS scored an 8th place finish after starting 11th in the Modspace 125.

In a limited 50 lap race, in which only 1/3 of the starting field finished on the lead lap, Austin Wayne Self powered through the lineup to close out the day with a strong effort from the 22 team. The name of the game this past weekend was rain, and bets were made to beat the storm!

“We had a good car in the race, we had a pit strategy in place to race hard until the rain came, but it never rained, so that threw us off half way through the race. We were running P4 and it just didn’t play out for us to be in the top 5. Cautions really weren’t towards our advantage, but we recovered and made it a race.”- AWS

Ultra One Representatives with ARCA CarThe 22 AM Technical Solutions team took pride in a solid top 10 finish for the day with race partner Ultra One Cleaner. Austin Wayne Self commented, “I really enjoyed meeting everyone from Ultra One- they brought some great products out to the hauler and we will definitely be using them throughout race weekends. Their support at Pocono was great for our team.” -AWS

Next up on the schedule the ARCA Racing Series will make their way to Michigan for the Federated Auto Parts 200. Berlin Raceway will host the 200 Lap event Saturday, August 9th and Austin Wayne Self is excited to get back to a little, down home Saturday night short track to race under the lights.

“We raced at Berlin last year, and we have a good chance of running up front there. It’s a short track so I am confident there, its going back to my roots and I feel good about what we are bringing to Berlin.”- AWS

In 2013 after starting the night 7th, Austin Wayne Self raced his way to a 4th place finish at Berlin Raceway. After gaining valuable experience this season, AWS and his team are eyeing a race win!

For race updates throughout the weekend check and Twitter @AustinWSelf .