KartSport/Comet Driver Austin Wayne Self Sets New Track Record at New Castle Motorsports Park

Sets New Fastest Lap in Yamaha Junior with 109.89 in the 2nd heat of the Route 66 race at New Castle

“New Castle is one of the most famous kart tracks in the world and for sure the most well-known kart track in the U.S. This is where all the IndyCar guys race. Setting a new record at this track means you have achieved something,” says Austin.  “NCMP hosts several major series each year including the WKA Man Cup Finals, so the teams and the drivers bring their best game and a lot of speed to this place including many of my competitor friends. But the credit has goes to Eric, Mark, Michael Danny and the whole team for putting together such a fast Kart. I’m just the driver.”

“I was just trying to reel in the race leaders. Starting positions were picked randomly by race control and we started 18th out of 24. With one lap to go, the 3rd place kart was the next kart in my sights and I was trying get past him before we got to the stripe. I knew I could catch him if I just kept pushing. I never had to over drive the Kart, it just got better as the race went on. I knew from looking at the micron that each lap was faster than the last, but catching that next kart was all I focused on. It wasn’t until after the race that Mr. Dismore told me we just set a new track record. I remember thinking – wow how cool is that! All I can say is that this is by far the best kart I have ever raced.”

“We knew we had a fast set up with this X1E chassis when we saw Austin drive through the field and pass the race leaders to win this class yesterday. He was saying all day how this was the best kart he had ever driven. Not that you couldn’t tell from his ear-to-ear grin,” says Eric Jones, President of KartSport. “We elected to stay with the tires we raced yesterday so we could tell how this chassis performs over the entire life of the tires. Most chassis slow down as the tires get more laps. Clearly this chassis is consistent through the entire tire life. More importantly this chassis stays consistent from the first lap to the last lap during a race, as evidenced by the fact that Austin turned his fastest lap and set the record on the last lap of the race.”

“No telling what we could have done if we had put on new rubber this morning,” says Mark Dismore Jr., President of Comet. “Normally we see lap times in the mid to high 110’s at this level of competition. This is the first time anyone has ever gotten into the single digits on this configuration in any series running a Yamaha Jr. Kart. It’s even cooler when you figure he was using a Comet motor, along with our new patriot clutch.”

“There is no doubt about Austin’s ability to get the most out of the equipment we give him. Just about everyone who knows him will attest to that. So I think the real question everyone is going to have is the particulars about the equipment we were using,” says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing. “We set the record using the Arrow XE1 Chassis, a Comet built motor, Patriot clutch and Bridgestone YLC tires. If anyone wants to know more than that they can call Eric Jones and Mark Dismore. Or find out the hard way and show up to race here next weekend.”

A pre-main race incident sent Austin from race leader to starting 20th in a 26-car field. He put on an amazing display of driving talent as he came from the back of a 26-car field to win the Route 66 finale that same weekend.

Self and the KartSport/Comet Team will back next weekend for the running of the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup season Final.

About KartSport

KartSport is the exclusive North American importer of Arrow Racing Karts and offers a number of karting parts, supplies, accessories, and services. The race team, KartSport Team Arrow Racing competes across the country in karting events at the highest level. In addition, they opened a retail store at KartSport’s headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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About Comet

With over 45 years in the industry, Comet is still going strong and is looking to the future; having added karting’s online store in 2004, and opening a racing kart facility in the Indianapolis area at New Castle Motorsports Park.  Comet continually adds new parts and products to their product line, expands the yearly print catalog, and attends dozens of national kart events every year; all while continuing the tradition of race winning Comet Racing Engines with strong on track performance and excellent customer support!

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About Austin Wayne Self

Austin Wayne Self, a 15-year-old NASCAR driver from Texas, races in both the Pro Modified and Late Model Divisions of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  Self is also an international Karting champion, having competed since age 5. Self’s career goal is to race NASCAR Sprint Cup and do one-off IndyCar races at the Indianapolis 500.

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Austin Wayne Self moves NASCAR Late Model Program to Heart of NASCAR

1st Stop: Late Model 300 at South Boston Speedway

September 2, 2011 – Austin, TX

Austin Wayne Self will make his NASCAR East Coast debut next month when he Races the Late Model 300 at South Boston Speedway October 22nd.

“Everyone pretty much knew all this year the move was coming.  We just didn’t know exactly when, but now we do!” says Austin Wayne Self. “We are still working out a lot of details, so we can’t officially announce the complete team yet. I have been waiting forever for this and to finally get to go there and race one of the famous tracks and with the big fields and great drivers and teams, it’s like a dream.”

“Racing NASCAR in Texas has been great and I hope our fans continue to track us. But moving out east to race… It’s like being an open wheel driver and finally getting to move to Indy.  It is just really cool.”

When asked how well he thinks he will do out there: “There is no doubt we have a learning curve to get through so I don’t think anyone expects to go out there and start winning. I think it’s going to be a lot like last season when I was barely fourteen and we made our first Late Model start in central Texas. The drivers and fans were really skeptical, and then we pulled off a win after just three races and earned some respect. It’ll be the same way out there I think.”

“We started earlier this year working on a deal to race the East series (K&N Pro East) in 2012 and realized it would be prudent to get some fundamental learning done in a Late Model Series instead of the East series. The stakes aren’t as high and the lessons aren’t as costly, so to speak,” says Tim Self, Owner of AM Racing. “We are still not finished with the paperwork but the deal structure is in place with the team, and we have a car and a 2012 tentative schedule that includes 20 races at some really well-known tracks like this first race at South Boston. I can also say we will continue to drive a Chevrolet and hopefully get to use the 07 number that has become a part of our brand.”

“Between now and then,” he says, “we still have some Modified races in Houston, as well as some Kart races in Indianapolis and Las Vegas.  Then we will get ready for that long drive in the Motor home to official NASCAR Country!

Terri Hartley
Marketing and PR Director, Austin Wayne Self
Phone 281-702-2573
Email terri@marketingrefresh.com